It’s time to say goodbye because this is the end.

Last night we had the last curtain call for my last QEH show. It’s been an incredible seven-year journey through 17 plays with a few concerts and charity shows on top.

It can feel at times at a place like QEH that exams and academic success are the only thing that matters in life. Personally I’ve found the production weeks at the end of each term a brilliant antidote to all that stress.

What goes on inside the walls of the theatre during those weeks to create a parallel world for the audience is truly magical. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it—whether that’s set design, sound, lighting or projection. It’s a huge credit that we have so much freedom; it’s pupils not paid professionals that run the shows.

I’ve got to thank Russ for fostering such a wonderful environment of learning and experimentation that’s taught me so many things you’ll never see on a curriculum. I’ll genuinely miss my time on the tech crew.