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London Culture Deals for Students

All the best offers on Theatre, Music, Art, Opera and more

Engineering a better, sustainable world

Dr Marlene Kanga—turned into a infographic

Adventures in Asia: summer school at Tsinghua

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect of my fortnight in China…

State of the EdTech 2018

What are the tools I’ve used to learn this year?

Bottomless bubbles? Bottomless profits…

Unlimited Prosecco isn’t quite the deal it seems.

Open-sourcing my revision notes

Here’s the deal: you can use them for free, for anything.

This is the end

It’s time to say goodbye—but the future’s beckoning.

Projection-mapped live video for Jerusalem

Mapping live video from an on-stage camera onto the set proved an interesting challenge.

How we did it: rain on stage for Macbeth

Bringing live rain to the stage of the QEH Theatre was a challenge, but the resultant effect was definitely worth the effort.

AI era

An imagining of what a future of AI and robotics might hold for us in the year 2036. Written in October 2012 for the Future Problem Solving Programme.

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